Your Pool Cue Is Smaller Than My Pool Cue. Eat It Danger!!

What does the title of this article have to do with what I’m about to write?

Nothing! Nada!! Zilch!!!

But, for the record, your pool-cue is still smaller than mine…

So; some have asked, wondered, agonized (hopefully)–“Where the heck is Sekrett Scilensce?”

I am here!

New home, new company, new perceptions, same oddball sensibilities I’m certain but, it’s not my fault you are a drained pigeon smell from the lesser known parts of Egypt.

I have a newfound curiosity; while I’ve been rebuilding towards this eventual reappearing, website data suggest that many have already been here, snooping up my skirt (don’t ask about the skirt, I was drunk and the billiard bet was high).

So, “Where, who, and what are you?”

Come on now, scroll to the bottom of this text and fill out the comment section!

FREE CHICKEN for the remainder of this text I swear!!

Check out my friends while you’re at it:





Takeo Tama

Psst! Hej!! Play the VIDEO below and a bowl of gold will drop from the sky and grant you the excesses of life from here on out (or, an awesome song will emerge from your speakers/headphones) but either way, PRESS PLAY:

Did you Rock out, head bang, and almost knock yourself out while listening to “Breach For America?” — Choose your favorite network from the buttons below and tell everyone!!!



33 thoughts on “Your Pool Cue Is Smaller Than My Pool Cue. Eat It Danger!!”

  1. Hey great music here. I like reggae songs but sometimes it’s good to listen to other kind of songs too. I can tell you’re really into this music thing. You got the rhythm.

  2. What happened to the video? It says, “This video is not available”. Oh well, I guess it’s original and it’s copyrighted.

  3. Fun post! But the video’s not available. Nah! But still entitled to free chicken? Ha!75x I’m full. Thanks, by the way!

  4. I am not a fan of such type of music but this one caught my attention the title is attractive.Keep up with the good work with the good lines.

  5. Sorry but this is my first visit so I still checking things out…but whoa! Great content! Love the humor and music. Maybe I’ll linger a bit more 🙂

  6. I’m Brenda from Toronto (Canada) and I am still trying figure out what I am. Oh well, maybe one day it’ll dawn on me. For now I’ll just keep scrolling through the pages of your blog and get lost in the moment:)

  7. Lol that title is a great way to catch my people’s attention! Nice creative writing skills you have there. Your blog is great!

  8. Hello I am landing on your blog from Ann Arbor, MI and so far I am enjoying it a lot! Love the vid/song – great production and interesting lyrics!

  9. Hey nice song. I think you should print out the lyrics on the page too. Plus by doing so it will add even more original content to your site and give it an added way for people to follow along with the song.

  10. Your music has a fresh perspective and more people need to hear it. I know many people have forgotten about MySpace, but truth is that it is a great platform for all music artist (particularly music artists). I’d recommend that you place your music there too.

  11. Because of your music style and page tab icons, I can’t help but ask this question: Have you ever made music for videogames? If you had, what games? If not, then you should! I can already imagine a couple of games with your music in the bg…

  12. Interesting. New home, new company, new perspective. And a new life, maybe. Good write-up, something to ponder. Good music, for head bangers? Where’s the chicken?

  13. Hello. Sorry not a fan of the music but loved the picture below it. That is some good artwork. I enjoyed the sarcasm displayed throughout the blog thought it was witty.

  14. Good video to play. Internet makes things modern and easy. When it comes to ON-LINE music users love to register on site and listen. Your site is excellent! Keep it up!

  15. That is very interesting music! Seems that you’re in a lot of new stuff. Enjoy! Hope it makes life more interesting for you! Cheers!

  16. Hi, I’m in Canada and you tube here is saying the video is not available. How come? Canadian’s aren’t allowed to hear what the rest of the world can? What gives? Also, we Canadians take our pools sticks very seriously, I’d never underestimate the size of a Canadian’s stick, not if you don’t want to be known as the guy who mistakenly told a Canadian that their pool stick was shorter than theirs and it wasn’t.

  17. Amazing! Not really the kind of music that I listen to but I’m down for all genres. Freedom of expression man! Thank you and I hope to hear more!

  18. “New home, new company, new perceptions” What I think that, when summer has almost finished, new schooling will be begun. Everything will be very new and fresh for enjoyment.

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