Why Do People Keep Asking About Radio?

Sure, TAKEOTAMA.com does some ‘lite’ “distribution” to quote/unquote RADIO but, why do People (listeners, other musicians, producers etc.) keep f*cking asking about it? YOUTUBE serves about 3 entertainment needs (more like six) all on its own accord with discovery being one of its core-competencies. What is all of this nonsense? Just distribute outward and pull inward with YOUTUBE (or similar) and plug at your domain.

This is not rocket-science anymore (dear) people.

If you’re good, you’ll find out fast…


3 thoughts on “Why Do People Keep Asking About Radio?”

  1. Eh well maybe, que no? I mean, it’s some parts of the world, and you don’t know how they find things out until you been.

    Es como un explosion but even in today’s kind of being.

    You got balls, this I’ll give you.

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