Welcome: “Happy New Year!” (And F*ck Halsey)

Okee. I don’t know why I’m writing exactly, but I do know that I am, per usual, spiraled about many things, of course, conveying only sentiments which surely shall only trigger the animosity and purge of other persons as they incur my outward, uninhibited rile as vile and unjust; but regardless, I put the funk back in the soul so, “F” word anyone that has motivations beyond celebrating a different manner of thinking with me.

It’s not the year before anymore. What does it mean? You see, I don’t freaking know (or care), but I am interested in what may arrive. Not likely space-aliens but North Koreans and Russians are close enough?

And that’s a part of the problem with the world we’re moving into. We won’t be able to say things like my comedic-sensibilities above (for long).

Farewell freedom of mouth?!

So Ja, f*ck halsey: the video below threw me over the correct ledge. You don’t have to agree with me but, she says all these things about being true/authentic and then BLAM! A big, bad, long held, auto-tune note!! Needless to say, I say, to Hell with this sh*t:

Undecided but, maybe I’m coming up around the bend…

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And before some punks say the range of, “Jealous”, “You’re being cynical”, “You wish you were at her level”, or whatever else is usually sprayed about, please remember:

1. I don’t care

2. I’m free to feel any way I wish

And, I am the psycho behind such productions as:

The Medicine Cabinet

Which you can hear the full-version of, no strings attached, if you wish…

I understand she can be proud of her existence (and wish her no ill) just the same.

But Holy Hell.

Sometimes you just work too hard, staying true to your craft, skill, and appreciation; and then stuff like the Halsey commercial just snap (i.e. wake you up) for a moment.



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