Valuing Value

It seems obvious but, you’d be surprised. Valuing “Value” is something unorthodox by today’s standards. Sure, we all have our own norms and mores but truthfully, we’re bounded by outward judgements the minute we join this chaotic world.

With those ‘Obvious’ and unimportant sentiments in mind, I ask a simple question of Humanity:

“How do we define our hearts, minds, spirits, and vices, equally?”

To me, that’s exactly what society doesn’t want to speak to.

I’ll leave this thought with three random examples/musings; then you can say whatever the f*ck you want…

1. Someone tells me they are great at what they do, and that they used to work (song-write) with Fleetwood etc. — Okee, so why does your music-production sound like such uninspired, highly autotuned, over leveled horse-dunk?

Elseone might say she means well but you know what, f*ck her, don’t waste my tyme.

2. This kid tells me, “I’ve been rejected by so many TV talent shows, and I just want to get myself out there, I’m stuck.”. — And I’m thinking, “Wow, so, have you ever had all your shit taken after a gig in an unknown town at gunpoint, and then stooped into a soul sucking centre for two weeks, only to return to that same gig and conquer it, with pleasure and a smile?”

Elseone would say it’s different for everybody but f*ck that; don’t waste my tyme.

3. Couple of guys say they are lean and ready for the big stage but have been working on the same two albums for ten years. — What the f*ck?

Elseone would say don’t be so hard on anyone but f*ck that, don’t waste my tyme.

I guess no matter how old I become, I ‘Value’ INTEGRITY, helplessly.

What’s wrong with, “Don’t waste my bleeping tyme?”

No thing…

And too:


9 thoughts on “Valuing Value”

  1. Some people just don’t get it. They think they know what they want, they think they deserve what they want, but they never have the determination or love to really go out there and grind out what they want, cause that’s life, there are no shortcuts to happiness and success in it.

  2. It’s always good to value integrity but wasn’t able to connect them with the random examples (sorry, maybe I’m just slow). You may or may not agree with other people but it just means we see and experience things differently. This is not exactly a bad thing.

  3. Who the heck invented the auto tune? That person must really suck at singing. Makes it hard to know who really has talent.

  4. Instances and experiences of life are multifaceted and peculiar. What you expect to happen, seldom happens. people become disheartened and at times lose integrity. It takes guts to value the values of life even in upheavals.

  5. That Super Mario Music though he he. Anyway Valuing INTEGRITY is okay any day. Though it may go out of fashion so to speak but doing the right thing is always welcome.

  6. Well true. I also value integrity. But probably with their experiences, maybe they have their own take on their own dreams as to why they still remain there and keeping up.

  7. I admire your strength to keep at what you believe in. So many people in this world don’t have that anymore. So yes, I agree with you that even if you’re fighting that battle alone, it’s better not to waste your time with people who are not worth it at all. 🙂

  8. “How do we define our hearts, minds, spirits” What I think that, if you are comfortable to face the fact, your mind of thinking might tend to the positive side.

  9. You can’t undermine anyone’s pain. Everyone experiences life differently making everything relative to one another. That’s my opinion.

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