Someone Wants To Control The Internet. Does It Matter?

When you’re not plugged-in, you’re not involved with the noise. It’s that simple. You go to a bar, play some pool, go to a park, play with your kids and that’s that; nothing else, all is silent. The minute you get plugged-in, it’s all about Racism, Censorship, Political-Correctness, and on and on and on… What gives? Someone wants to control the Internet. Does it matter? It’s a virtual testing ground, yes, likely for many things that global-governments may want to try offline however, for now, it only seems to impact the circus (in the USA anyway), which are entertainers, infotainers (podcasts), and similar.

In Europe, they do have “Hate-Speech” laws that can get you arrested offline for online activities.

So the question must be posed world-wide:

“Someone want to control the internet. Does it matter?”