An Odd Song With Deep Meaning & A New Outset Beyond My Norm

Sometimes, there’s an event that happens in your life and, it can come in many known and unknown variations, with many feelings, aftershocks, or sometimes, no immediate reactions at all. Upon hearing my Song, you’ll have a clear idea what’s being spoken of in this blog – however, all said, I can say that I’ve not truly been thrown off kilter per any degrees another person might deem, “notable”. — I wasn’t sure what it meant initially but, I guess there are just some moments in life where you don’t react as predicted, or, you don’t feel as saddened as perhaps a previous mindset configured. — Yet somehow, everything is still just difficult to articulate because though it all rests with the feeling of “healing” vs. prolonged “pain”, it’s only memories left in the heart, mind, soul, and bloodline.

I’m unsure what “I recall” most but I do know it’s weird to know that you’ll never be able to share something physical or a sentiment with elseone, ever again…

* This Music file will be removed soon and replaced with the “Radio-Edit” vs. the current full-version preview…

In other news; a new outset…?

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Danke (thank-you).

Sekrett Scilensce 2017

An influx has begun; you will see SEKRETT SCILENSCE titles available from The TAKEO TAMA Company begin to become available over select networks throughout the year. New Music Recordings shall follow and most material recorded at the end of 2016 will piggyback on Maxi and Extended releases which shall follow all previously unreleased materials dating back further than 2012 (yes, we mean everything).

Stay tuned…

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I Was Proscribed But, I Never Subscribed (Remaining Relevant?), Why??

I like being a positive, encouraging person. Who knows how much tyme we have left in this world. My World, Your World, Our World. The Many Worlds. In the same token, I think being frustrated is healthy, particularly when you are a person who can outperform and cast light upon certain sectors of societal evolution.

I think this because you can then (if fortunate enough), empower leagues of others and become both a precedent and inspiration.

It’s not to say that you should begin by seeking your position in life this way, but, it would mean that you are ‘calling out’ to others from your true, uninhibited passions and that you are aspiring to correct a problem that can benefit many others (either in your immediate vicinity or around the globe).

My Inner Global Vicinity
And I Did Not Know

I was proscribed but, I never subscribed. I’ll never subscribe. Is it a bone to pick? No. My creations revolve around the facts of life and their direct impacts on myself and society in whole. I’m not saying I know everything, anything, or all things (even musical) however, it should be obvious when to continue following particular trends and, when to fall back completely on your own beliefs, standards, and insights.

I’m modern, NOT retro, NOT throwback

That’s one of my first pet-peeves; people, because many of them follow pop-culture mentality, they immediately drive themselves to label something based on ideas that are not their own.

The non-music example would be a phrase like, “If Donald Trump wins, I’m moving to Canada.”

First of all, my question is, “Why?”

Would you believe that most of the people who have said this to me are poor individuals that can barely afford their phones, cars, homes, computers, and kids?

I know that sounds like I’m putting elseone down but, I’m not; I’m just saying, “Hej, you’re going to magically have the will and cash to get out of town based on this one event, but couldn’t do something the rest of the tyme to get your shit in order?”

That’s how I see it.

So Music-wise, the example is something like choosing to use older synthesizers on your Songs but refraining from using modern mixing or solid-state-logic devices or auto-tune; all of a sudden, people say something like, “That’s so retro man,” or, “Cool throwback to the,” (insert_decade_here).

What the fuck?

I’m a Piano-Man and let me tell you something, I can play my instrument really fucking well (see my video near the end of this article).

I don’t say anything to anyone regarding their remarks, but it’s a tad insulting, and you have to let it go because that’s all some people either know (or know how to do).

Hell, I’m happy if people just listen.

Regardless, while you somewhat have to consider tastes and expectations, I’m going to share some A-B comparisons of my own material and that of others (maybe to my own detriment), just to get it off my chest.

Pop Music

One of mein: Click-Here (YouTube)

One of theirs: Click-Here (YouTube)

Classical/Soundtrack Music

One of mein: Click-Here (YouTube)

One of theirs: Click-Here (YouTube)

Rock Music

One of mein: Click-Here (YouTube)

One of theirs: Click-Here (YouTube)

Anyways, regardless of how you view it; I’m not fishing for compliments or even trying to point out what’s better or not etc., however, I find myself scratching my head so much nowadays that I draw blood.

Not everyone will like ‘Mein’ but, I really don’t like “Theirs”.

And Ja, surely, someone just rolled their eyes and said, “Big deal,” but, What’s a guy like me suppoxed to do?

Nothing, right?

I guess…

Just carry on until I die??

No, I should say something, and see what else is going on out there.

Maybe some of you have suggestions I’d never come to discover on my own for everything from Music to Films to who knows what.

Maybe I’m completely wrong.

Then again, I could be right…..

Who knows, who cares, who deems?

Anyhow, here is a video of me doing my thing in real-tyme (no studio tricks or magic):

STAR TREK IV: “The Voyage Home”

for Mr. Nimoy

And now for my one cocky moment per this article…

Lastly: Let’s play, “Devil’s Advocate”

Suppose someone asked, “Can SEKRETT SCILENSCE do nowadays music, songs, production?”

The answer is: “Hell YES!”


I can do it better and, ‘I’ can make it sound similar without using any of the tools, trickery, or tomfoolery “they” are accustomed to.

I’m going to show you a currently unreleased track preview for, “Call Out” — a Russian/Orchestral Urban-Styled SEKRETT SCILENSCE Music production?


Come on now, YOU didn’t think I was going to talk a little smack and not try and back it up, did you?

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Knob Creek® For President, And My Leading Edge Pencil Makeshift Lifestyle Sanitarium, Live From The Internet

WARNING: You are about to witness and partake in a heartfelt, passionate insight, brought to you by Music Recording Artist Sekrett Scilensce. It is raw, uninhibited, and unhinged for your entertainment pleasure. Reader discretion is advised (but fuck it, you’re already here)…

You Know The Sights, Sounds, And Peril Of I, He, The Artist Formerly Known As; Now know me as

Surviving The Clowns

We’ve got these clowns in the so-called entertainment-industry. Big deal. You have clowns in every venture in life. School, home, politics, work.

Without clowns, I guess we can’t have a reason or need to be angered enough to change the way things are (or will become).

But you see, that’s the thing; it’s like you’re banging your head against the wall, over and over and over and over; there has to be a better way, there has to be some people with some sense?

I’m not trying to insult you or make anyone believe that what I say is hard truth but, I do think what I’m saying is important.

I feel it’s important.

Every moment I believed in the ceremony, the recognition, the achievement, outlooks were golden, in opportunity, in informative formation, in non-complacent existence.

And then growth occurs, occurred, or recurs?

You see, that was the stamp of approval deemed, noteworthy. What was it, the desire, the passion, the drive, the Grammy®? Now, it’s the lie, the lies, the outburst, the plunge down and the inner sanctum recall to the junkyard of our mind and dismay, the plunge into obscurity because elseone wants us confined to ideas, ideals, and reasoning that bares no resemblance to anything important.

I’m better than nearly all of them, at the Piano, in the Studio, behind the Microphone but no, they who win the award for, “Best album of the year,”—mind you, not, “Best autotune album of the year,” are the victors?

I can’t help it.


Who understands? Not really anyone, but my intent and grand passions to clear a perception that has become far wronged seems utterly important, so why should I back down?

Regarding the victors:

Who were they before, puritans, scholars, musicologists? Nobody fucking knows and yet, the Billboard® celebrates the intangible tangibles of an era I sometimes find worth delimiting.

I’m not spouting cynicism or ‘sore-loser’ mentality, I’m just stating the facts, and the one fact I’m zeroing-in on is known as, ‘Critical-Thinking’.

Is it a lost skill?

Where has it all gone, where shall it end up, where will it evolve, how can it spare the loose change to a generation unappreciative and cowardly at times?

Many people will say shut up, some might agree but no matter what, I’m correct at least 50% (so I feel in my heart).

But big deal.

So I carry on, still making high caliber songs, unafraid to experiment and place ideas in my art that are considered not commercially-viable (and all sorts of other nonsense).

Really, those Grammy/Billboard flack-wads are feeling good about all those auto-tuned rink-rats fouling up the channels for the greater artists to shine through?

My sentiment?

Well fuck me very much.

Those smacktards that said art was subjective are arseheads, period. I mean, I get it, one person’s gold is another person’s trash but, how can someone not know that they are being lied to, while aspiring to be the next glamorous icon?

One thing is true (whether anyone believes it or not):

Those auto-tune musicians are liars, auto-tune is computer-processing to make bad singing sound good. It’s not an effect like Vocoders or Talkboxes and, they have been winning, “Best album of the year awards for it,” all over the fucking globe.

I’m not saying, “What about me,”—I’m not De Niro from, “This Boy’s Life”—I’m saying it for all who have ever worked really hard to make something pure, uncontaminated, and imaginative, only to be told stupidity like, “Hej, that’s great but, if you want to write for the commercial world…”

Seriously, on most days and nights, fuck all of this.

On the flip-side:

If there is truly room for everyone in this bullshit, FUBAR, politically-correct, pussy generation then make a damn distinction; say, “And the award for best autotune album of the year goes to…”


For the blind kid who never got a shot, for the one arm, one leg drummer that got told, “Big fat fucking no,” and, to the girl who sang beautifully but was told she looked too much like Jack Nicholson; you are great, so stay greater, and show them thy greatness for which they cannot ever possess.

And fuck ELEW…..

And now, I play the Piano for you:

Super Mario Bros. (Overworld Theme) [Koji Kondo]

I hope you’ve enjoyed my acoustic-piano performance; please scroll down to the comments section below and share your heat, ice, passions, or otherworldly sensations with me now!

for Koji!!

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Not to be confused with NASA!!