The Two Guys Named Lou: “True Music Entertainment Stories” (Part I)?

I’m going to tell a story. It has no immediate message, meaning, or perspective, but it’s a dive into my mind and experiences as both an oncoming and established-(ish?) Musician. So without further ado; “The Two Guys Named Lou” (and a quick side-note, I will give a free full-version CD copy of my song, “The Medicine Cabinet” to anyone who can identify either of these persons named, ‘Lou’; I will not however be jumping out of cakes, doing sexy-dances)…

One “Lou” was not cool. He was plain and simple, f*cking weird. Sure, he knew people, but, he prized the boys far too much in my view, and as a matter of fact, I’d decried that it was unhealthily so very early on. And that “Lou” would say stupid sh*t. About replacing boys with girls, as they’d be easier to manage, and with better legs or what have you. F*ck you “Lou”, you ruined a ton of lives. And your friends with the bank-connects, f*ck them too. It’s a good thing that ‘what goes around, comes around’, especially regarding you. What Corpus Christi Jake said about you in Texas, rang true until the bitter end. The sweet rebellion. The nasty revelations.

The other “Lou” was cool. Goofy (but cool). Now, I didn’t care for his escapades when he was allowing himself to pal around with the big-headed, red, New York PR-midget but whatever, he’s still the “other Lou”. This “Lou” did (and hopefully still does) some cool sh*t. He listened to my stuff from tyme to tyme, and always seemed to genuinely enjoy it, which wasn’t always the case with many in the record-label paradigms etc. He never even once complained about how crazy or inventive my ideas were and for that, I can only say, “Thanks mate.” — There’s nothing in it for a man that put together some of the largest campaigns for some of the biggest touring names known to audiences abroad. And I never bothered “this Lou”. Granted, he could never convince me to join his social-adventure but all of you here who read my silliness or have followed my happenings pretty much know that I’m just far too compelled to be in the studio vs. all this media-hyperbole sh*t. Hope all is well and going strong “Lou”.

The Two Guys Named, “Lou”…


Why Do People Keep Asking About Radio?

Sure, does some ‘lite’ “distribution” to quote/unquote RADIO but, why do People (listeners, other musicians, producers etc.) keep f*cking asking about it? YOUTUBE serves about 3 entertainment needs (more like six) all on its own accord with discovery being one of its core-competencies. What is all of this nonsense? Just distribute outward and pull inward with YOUTUBE (or similar) and plug at your domain.

This is not rocket-science anymore (dear) people.

If you’re good, you’ll find out fast…


Sekrett Scilensce 2017

An influx has begun; you will see SEKRETT SCILENSCE titles available from The TAKEO TAMA Company begin to become available over select networks throughout the year. New Music Recordings shall follow and most material recorded at the end of 2016 will piggyback on Maxi and Extended releases which shall follow all previously unreleased materials dating back further than 2012 (yes, we mean everything).

Stay tuned…

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2Pac: “Pain” (Arranged Version)

2Pac was an American Rapper who represented great ideals for Humanity and on his own terms, a definition for what Thug Life is representative of when you don’t live in the contradictions of pop-culture or simpler said, “Trying hard to be hard when you ain’t.”

Regardless of where you stand in view of his life, ideology, and disappearance, it is apparent that individuals like himself were the final byproduct of a tyme when Rap Music and Hip-Hop sub-culture were driven by standout lyrics and standup existences.

For me, while I am fully aware that Songs from 2Pac’s era were heavily sampled to satisfy preexisting ‘contractual’ publishing obligations, it is evident that most of these MCs were on the verge or in the race to say something with meaning and not overly embraced in a fame game.

Still a game maybe but different now than it was then (despite Snoop constantly making odd remarks about, “How far Hip-Hop has come.”)


Perfect example, Rap and Hip-Hop should have never had sub-genres like other styles of Music. Pseudo purist/hipsters who prefer Trip-Hop to Down-Tempo or Dub-Step RMs to Down-South Urban (give me a break, just f*cking spit on the mic).


Without further ado, I give you:

2Pac: “Pain” (Arranged Version)

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