An Odd Song With Deep Meaning & A New Outset Beyond My Norm

Sometimes, there’s an event that happens in your life and, it can come in many known and unknown variations, with many feelings, aftershocks, or sometimes, no immediate reactions at all. Upon hearing my Song, you’ll have a clear idea what’s being spoken of in this blog – however, all said, I can say that I’ve not truly been thrown off kilter per any degrees another person might deem, “notable”. — I wasn’t sure what it meant initially but, I guess there are just some moments in life where you don’t react as predicted, or, you don’t feel as saddened as perhaps a previous mindset configured. — Yet somehow, everything is still just difficult to articulate because though it all rests with the feeling of “healing” vs. prolonged “pain”, it’s only memories left in the heart, mind, soul, and bloodline.

I’m unsure what “I recall” most but I do know it’s weird to know that you’ll never be able to share something physical or a sentiment with elseone, ever again…

* This Music file will be removed soon and replaced with the “Radio-Edit” vs. the current full-version preview…

In other news; a new outset…?

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Danke (thank-you).