Amazing Is A Funny Thing

I’ve written/spoken before about the level of difference in people. Whether it be in a Race, a game of Billiards, or a Musical-Instrument, there’s just something that internally tells you, “Ja, this is one bad motherf*cker!” — But this current generation we’re a part of, Jeebus-Heist, they don’t want to hear any of that; Hell, ‘they’ want to be congratulated on every aspect of their inventions…

• I joined a band

• I picked-up a guitar

• I borrowed my Dad’s drum-set


But what the heck?! What now?!?!

The video below; I consider it sub-par and uninspired. But, still, some people are amazed:

The next video below; I think the performance is fairly brilliant. You can close your eyes and the drumming is well without any visual cues; an emotion, a journey:

But hej, who am I to blow at the wind?

What say you??