I Don’t Connect Well (And That’s Okee)

People have asked me, talked with me about everything imaginable. Podcast, live-streams, etc. I just don’t have any passion for it. Creating Music yes but, a ton of the other nonsense is just a matter of, “So what?” — I’m not out of touch. I’ve outlived everyone I came up with and, I still make what I want, as I want, as I need even (if you want to get real about it). These f*cks that try to talk terms like relevance with me are f*cking stupid. I’m not doing anything out of tyme or out of sync with the tymes. I think some people just really want to be perceived as ‘in the know’ or some sh*t. Who the f*ck cares? You’re suppoxed to do what feels good inside anyway.

I’ve never heard anyone tell a prostitute that their profession was dated.

If making bullsh*t like ‘Lil Wayne is the future then f*ck it! You can have it!!

Either how, a large part of continuing to exist for me is the notion of remaining supported by the people who find themselves immersed by my creations. Even the casual listener isn’t prioritized outright because in truth, passive behaviors do not need to be choked into submission.

Desperation is sometimes a form of fear, and when my mouse hovers over the [X], I don’t think it’s right for the screen to blast at me, “Hej! Before you go, blah, blah, blah, blah…” — Who gives a f*ck? Maybe I was going to come back after feeding a baby. Maybe I was eating hot-sauce and starting choking.

Maybe NoKo fired another missile…

But what we’re really getting at despite any opinions is, “Consideration”.

I just want people to consider me as a candidate for their tyme, sharing, spending, licensing, whatever to be honest.

And because I aspire for that consideration, “I shall not be inconsiderate”.

It’s that simple.

On That Note:

I’m going to begin offering a few of my creations in full-version, medium-quality form again. It’s an option. Ultimately, people can always use iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google-Play etc. or, any direct forms of acquisition I offer or, alternative remedies I have available such as the ‘pay by click’ opportunities presented.

It is ad-supported.

You can dislike that however, it is a naturally accepted mainstream/underground method at this point in tyme with the internet/SaaS industries as a whole.

A big part of my continuation at anything I do is, “Survival”.

In Conclusion:

This is all related by one word, “Ability”.

I can empower people’s ability to choose and potentially inspire their ability to seek out others akin to myself and people can empower my ability to be one part of the entire paradigm known as entertainment.

* * * * * * * * * *

The First Offering:

Song: “The Love Is Sound”
Performer: Me?!
Publisher: Takeo Tama co. mfg.
Genre: Freestyle (Electro/Latin Hip-Hop)


Discover and explore the full-version here!

* * * * * * * * * *

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