Your Pool Cue Is Smaller Than My Pool Cue. Eat It Danger!!

What does the title of this article have to do with what I’m about to write?

Nothing! Nada!! Zilch!!!

But, for the record, your pool-cue is still smaller than mine…

So; some have asked, wondered, agonized (hopefully)–“Where the heck is Sekrett Scilensce?”

I am here!

New home, new company, new perceptions, same oddball sensibilities I’m certain but, it’s not my fault you are a drained pigeon smell from the lesser known parts of Egypt.

I have a newfound curiosity; while I’ve been rebuilding towards this eventual reappearing, website data suggest that many have already been here, snooping up my skirt (don’t ask about the skirt, I was drunk and the billiard bet was high).

So, “Where, who, and what are you?”

Come on now, scroll to the bottom of this text and fill out the comment section!

FREE CHICKEN for the remainder of this text I swear!!

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Takeo Tama

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