2Pac: “Pain” (Arranged Version)

2Pac was an American Rapper who represented great ideals for Humanity and on his own terms, a definition for what Thug Life is representative of when you don’t live in the contradictions of pop-culture or simpler said, “Trying hard to be hard when you ain’t.”

Regardless of where you stand in view of his life, ideology, and disappearance, it is apparent that individuals like himself were the final byproduct of a tyme when Rap Music and Hip-Hop sub-culture were driven by standout lyrics and standup existences.

For me, while I am fully aware that Songs from 2Pac’s era were heavily sampled to satisfy preexisting ‘contractual’ publishing obligations, it is evident that most of these MCs were on the verge or in the race to say something with meaning and not overly embraced in a fame game.

Still a game maybe but different now than it was then (despite Snoop constantly making odd remarks about, “How far Hip-Hop has come.”)


Perfect example, Rap and Hip-Hop should have never had sub-genres like other styles of Music. Pseudo purist/hipsters who prefer Trip-Hop to Down-Tempo or Dub-Step RMs to Down-South Urban (give me a break, just f*cking spit on the mic).


Without further ado, I give you:

2Pac: “Pain” (Arranged Version)

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