Sekrett Scilensce 2017

An influx has begun; you will see SEKRETT SCILENSCE titles available from The TAKEO TAMA Company begin to become available over select networks throughout the year. New Music Recordings shall follow and most material recorded at the end of 2016 will piggyback on Maxi and Extended releases which shall follow all previously unreleased materials dating back further than 2012 (yes, we mean everything).

Stay tuned…

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2 thoughts on “Sekrett Scilensce 2017”

    1. I was hearing crickets before, and then the tide must build to a Tsunami to convince me otherwise despite; that makes me Human Uranium/Plutonium incarnate, at least, until the Censorship passes; but no one wants to hear about Chinese-America, and not the conspiracy but the fact that they want to buy all the U.S./European entertainment/studio interests. No, it’s propaganda? Sure, I mean, never mind that you can listen to my Songs and instantly know, “Hej, that’s Music.” — Don’t block Pornography, that’s free speech, but who needs the dehumanizing agenda? All super-fans unite? No, go to sleep…it’s that dream, the American one, because you have to be asleep like a sheep to have it…..nobility drowns, enter the clowns. Viva la Knob Creek!

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