My Website May Have Changed But Not My Reality

Hours upon hours of soul-searching is usually a waste of tyme for me (seriously). It’s not that I’m against being open-minded but rather, it just has more to do with the fact that I’d rather be doing something else, something more fruitful, something more in-tune per learning and expanding my life-experiences. And why not? Life truly is just a flash in the pan. Of course, all said, every once in a while, I fall into a pit of perception where I can’t help but test and reanalyze all my notions towards moving forward and knowing exactly when to be reflective.

It’s not negative, I’m not negative, and you’re OK!

But this world we’re in is FUBAR!!

My website may have changed but not my reality

I won’t write crappy Music. I won’t buy into any of the current cultural-monikers (i.e. SJW type nonsense etc.) — I won’t be held accountable for things I challenge outright; rather, I’d like someone to come at me with intelligent debate and insight but even then, I really could care less.

My creativity stems purely from the freedom of expression and freedom of thought.

All else is negligible.

Safe-spaces, government approved protests, trans-binary Humanism experiments?!

Get the f*ck out of here!!

I’m still here, I’m always creating but now, I just want to produce and transcend. The rest can??


* * * * * * * * * *

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On With The Show: My Earnest, Modest, Fondest, Climb

Regardless of where you’d stand, on lava, on solid ground, or on water, there would always be the possibility of sinking straight though, without recourse. In my lifetime, I’ve had to accept growth in the form of constant failure. In some ways, I guess a person fails upwards because, you do get better and grow, albeit, sometimes not the right way but, it happens; fact of life.

I’m burned out, only, by all the pretentious sh*t around our environments.

In the U.S.A. it’s phones, social-media, social-justice, and negative mindsets.

In Germany it’s Merkel and her bullsh*t stagnation, destroying an entire nation.

In the U.K. it’s colonial-rudeness making a reprise.

Elsewhere, who knows…

But funny as f*ck, THE PEOPLE ARE FINE!

See what I did there?

Anyone whose ever read my ramblings could figure that I could give a rat’s anus about how the media wants the world perceived.

That said, if I see another Twitter bio that’s made up of only hashtags and keywords, I’m going to murder a Muppet.

Not because I care but rather, because it gives me something to do while I wait for the next Song to render.


Now: New Sound Recording (07/01/2017) –

Moments in life become frozen into memories. A tyme so strongly imprinted in our hearts that passing by cannot take away or alter the sensations. As we move forward, we will sometimes look back fondly yet ponder; “Were we justly minded?”

In tymes of love, tymes of loss, and tymes of remembrance.

I Wonder What You Look Like” (Tonight)

Music & Lyrics by: Sekrett Scilensce
Produced by or under-licensed from: Takeo Tama co.


Valuing Value

It seems obvious but, you’d be surprised. Valuing “Value” is something unorthodox by today’s standards. Sure, we all have our own norms and mores but truthfully, we’re bounded by outward judgements the minute we join this chaotic world.

With those ‘Obvious’ and unimportant sentiments in mind, I ask a simple question of Humanity:

“How do we define our hearts, minds, spirits, and vices, equally?”

To me, that’s exactly what society doesn’t want to speak to.

I’ll leave this thought with three random examples/musings; then you can say whatever the f*ck you want…

1. Someone tells me they are great at what they do, and that they used to work (song-write) with Fleetwood etc. — Okee, so why does your music-production sound like such uninspired, highly autotuned, over leveled horse-dunk?

Elseone might say she means well but you know what, f*ck her, don’t waste my tyme.

2. This kid tells me, “I’ve been rejected by so many TV talent shows, and I just want to get myself out there, I’m stuck.”. — And I’m thinking, “Wow, so, have you ever had all your shit taken after a gig in an unknown town at gunpoint, and then stooped into a soul sucking centre for two weeks, only to return to that same gig and conquer it, with pleasure and a smile?”

Elseone would say it’s different for everybody but f*ck that; don’t waste my tyme.

3. Couple of guys say they are lean and ready for the big stage but have been working on the same two albums for ten years. — What the f*ck?

Elseone would say don’t be so hard on anyone but f*ck that, don’t waste my tyme.

I guess no matter how old I become, I ‘Value’ INTEGRITY, helplessly.

What’s wrong with, “Don’t waste my bleeping tyme?”

No thing…

And too:


Why Do People Keep Asking About Radio?

Sure, does some ‘lite’ “distribution” to quote/unquote RADIO but, why do People (listeners, other musicians, producers etc.) keep f*cking asking about it? YOUTUBE serves about 3 entertainment needs (more like six) all on its own accord with discovery being one of its core-competencies. What is all of this nonsense? Just distribute outward and pull inward with YOUTUBE (or similar) and plug at your domain.

This is not rocket-science anymore (dear) people.

If you’re good, you’ll find out fast…


I’m A Sad, Lost Little Boy, With A Lot Of Wasted Potential

I get tired. I feel like particular things are tired, but, I never retire. I’m on fire. Always; I don’t know how to turn off the faucet, it overflows all the tyme. I can’t stand the age we’re in per many degrees. Nothing feels variable enough, nothing is ever innovative because it’s all rehash. What is the future from now? Apps? No, there has to be more but, where is it?

It isn’t out west, nor east, it’s never been north or south; I’m very good at audio, but to be innovative there, I have to couple with people and things that are innovative, more innovative than just how I sound, alone?

Who’s listening? Who sees? Who hears? How do you quantify beyond the speculation of the evident, inevitable, and lost?

These are questions beyond my own understanding because I can only become more, and more, tired.

I’m on fire. I never give up. But I remain tired.

I’m a sad, lost little boy, with a lot of wasted potential.

Where am I?

Click-Here if you can’t see the video!


Don Rickles Is Dead: Buy Some Sage, Clean The House

So many great and legendary people have been ‘passing on’ as of late. David Bowie, Robin Williams, George Carlin, and now; “Mr. Warmth”—and you want to say, “What the f*ck?” but instead, you cherish the memories and say, “Okee, tyme to stay on track, remain focused.”

You know, but, you don’t know these people. You feel for these people, but, you’re not sure why. You know they resemble you, but, in the end, they are not you.

Mozart, Prince, Mitch Hedberg; you’d naturally ponder, “Who’s next?” but rather, it’s always better to just celebrate everyone whom is alive, breathing, and well.

Thank you for the memories Mr. Rickles (but regarding any appearances with Dean Martin, were you that hard up for money?)—thank-you!


Now for some fun!!

If you want, feel free to leave your comment/reply in formidable, Don Rickles style.

Notice: I’m likely to roast some of your replies in the same manner.

Let’s ballet!!!

– Ss


Why I Don’t Like SXSW (a.k.a. South By Southwest)

I hark back to ASCAP panels; totally self-serving bullsh*t geared at nothing more than f*cking with the minds of the people attending. Independent Musicians passing out albums full of auto-tuned junk and lackluster reasoning for their existence as a quote (unquote), “Artist”. I tell you what, the Majors that show their faces don’t matter either. More of the same, “Oh, I once got lucky and had a record deal so please, do Q and A with me,” up-sell fart-smell horse-dunk; but, I digress?

Seriously though, especially in this era where a Fat Fluffy Mexican Comedian can get a gig for a Prince in Saudi Arabia via YouTube, don’t waste your tyme or talent.

Nothing changes unless you keep improving your capabilities.

You might decide to better the craft more than your pocketbook or, you might get lucky and cash-in or, you might do both or get Cancer and be the Star beyond the Superstar and so on, and on, and on…

Just choose wisely.

F*ck everything else (because you can, and because you must sometimes, to truly survive).

If you disagree, “Good night and good luck.”


Sekrett Scilensce 2017

An influx has begun; you will see SEKRETT SCILENSCE titles available from The TAKEO TAMA Company begin to become available over select networks throughout the year. New Music Recordings shall follow and most material recorded at the end of 2016 will piggyback on Maxi and Extended releases which shall follow all previously unreleased materials dating back further than 2012 (yes, we mean everything).

Stay tuned…

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