I Don’t Agree With Kathleen Kennedy–What About Those Of Us Who Have Not Had Good Experiences With Female Executives?

No disrespect, I think anyone who works hard is just that, “hard-working”. In the Music context, if you use autotune then I’m still going to consider you a cheater. Either how, in an article related to Star Wars 7 which I didn’t like overall, she puts forth the claim that Women need more Rights, Visibility and the like. That’s fine, but really, it’s not just Girls. A lot of highly talented and sometimes, ‘better for the job’ candidates are passed over per this style of affirmative-action.

Most projects where I’ve been turned down as a suitable Song selection for a cinema-scene etc. has been by a Woman. Big deal, it happens. Now, in contrast, when I heard who made the cut, and could clearly see that my artful take was passed over in favor of a very Cold Play meets Blink 182 cookie-cutter tune, I figured, “Well then,”…

I’ll never stoop low or step down my creativity for anyone however, once this happens on seven plus occasions, what do you consider?

Males on the other hand have often taken a chance on me and, I very seriously doubt it is because “Hej, we’re guys.” — rather, it more often than not seemed like the people that were being considered were on par with what I was demoing and it was in-fact, a tough call.

So, is the issue Sexism, Feminism, Racial, or simply put; “Just a matter of tastes?”

Who knows…..


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