Don Rickles Is Dead: Buy Some Sage, Clean The House

So many great and legendary people have been ‘passing on’ as of late. David Bowie, Robin Williams, George Carlin, and now; “Mr. Warmth”—and you want to say, “What the f*ck?” but instead, you cherish the memories and say, “Okee, tyme to stay on track, remain focused.”

You know, but, you don’t know these people. You feel for these people, but, you’re not sure why. You know they resemble you, but, in the end, they are not you.

Mozart, Prince, Mitch Hedberg; you’d naturally ponder, “Who’s next?” but rather, it’s always better to just celebrate everyone whom is alive, breathing, and well.

Thank you for the memories Mr. Rickles (but regarding any appearances with Dean Martin, were you that hard up for money?)—thank-you!


Now for some fun!!

If you want, feel free to leave your comment/reply in formidable, Don Rickles style.

Notice: I’m likely to roast some of your replies in the same manner.

Let’s ballet!!!

– Ss



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30 thoughts on “Don Rickles Is Dead: Buy Some Sage, Clean The House”

  1. Yeah a lot of the greats seems like they having been passing away lately, but guess nothing or no one lasts forever, no matter how famous they are this reminds all of us that they are just people just like us.

  2. Roasting is probably one of the kinds of comedy that I enjoy watching or listening to. Maybe because I can’t do it! Well, maybe I can but just accidentally in all cases. Rickles will definitely be missed!

  3. I wanna try a comment or reply Don Rickles style, but I guess that’s just not one of the things I can do. I enjoy his brand of humor, but doubt that I can replicate. For those who can, pass on his legacy!

  4. RIP Don Rickles. I’ve only known him as Mr. Potatoes in Toy Story. But I’m pretty sure he had a stellar career and I reckon, one of the most respected actors of all time.

  5. Is he the one who played as Mr. Potato in the movie The Toy Story? Yes, I tend to sympathize when someone died because it is a bad news, a sad news. I just want to be nice and say my condolences. It is always hurting when someone passes away.

  6. It’s good to pay tribute to such a legendary actor and comedian. I’m sure his memories will live on through his children and through his art. Rest in peace.

  7. It is funny when people express appreciation towards a person who can no longer see or hear their them. I mean, what’s the point? It’s not like they can thank you or react in some way anymore. Talk about a serious waste of time and effort! We ought to learn to express our appreciation to those who can still see or hear us! RIP Mr. Rickles…

  8. “If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t make fun of you.” (10:45) Love this line… Even notice how true friends can just exchange the nastiest pranks and insults at one another and still remain friends? His words may be humor to some, but there is wisdom in them for those who know how to listen…

    1. Ja. But you’re the same guy who comes to my site, asks for free songs, even though I can barely afford socks.

  9. A loss is a loss. And that too, a legend had passed away. Even though it hard to accept, it is time for us to appreciate the works and wonders he had done in his life as you said. He had left a legacy in the film industry for all of us to cherish. He will be remembered for his contributions.

  10. We love you Mr. Rickles! We know that you left us for good. There will be lot of young generation follows your track with your generosity 🙂

  11. I feel you :”) it’s time for to appreciate whom is passed away and be grateful more because we still have many great person whom is still alive.

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