“Desvelado” by Bobby Pulido Now in English, NO auto-tune!

I’ve had tons of intentions over the years. To do a Country song that outdoes them all, to take ethnic music that is good and make it awesome (and on and on). It’s in the DNA of musicians that are ‘legitimate’ connoisseurs of their trade. I can factually state that this has been my existence over the span of my entire career. That said, with so many cool Electro and crossover titles in my repertoire, why is “Desvelado” something you should look into…

Well, you see, “Desvelado” was essentially a Tejano ‘Cumbia’ ballad released in the 90s (?) that I always imagined being better suited as a “Rock R&B Soul” jam (vs. Cumbia).

I imagined the meshing together of psychedelic elements with Jazz intertwine and figured, “Hej, now this is more like it,” however, I was always working on so much original catalogue that I just didn’t get around to it.

I’m glad I didn’t.

The “Desvelado” remake I present to you today is far superior to anything I would have concocted years ago.


“Desvelado” by Sekrett Scilensce




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