An Odd Song With Deep Meaning & A New Outset Beyond My Norm

Sometimes, there’s an event that happens in your life and, it can come in many known and unknown variations, with many feelings, aftershocks, or sometimes, no immediate reactions at all. Upon hearing my Song, you’ll have a clear idea what’s being spoken of in this blog – however, all said, I can say that I’ve not truly been thrown off kilter per any degrees another person might deem, “notable”. — I wasn’t sure what it meant initially but, I guess there are just some moments in life where you don’t react as predicted, or, you don’t feel as saddened as perhaps a previous mindset configured. — Yet somehow, everything is still just difficult to articulate because though it all rests with the feeling of “healing” vs. prolonged “pain”, it’s only memories left in the heart, mind, soul, and bloodline.

I’m unsure what “I recall” most but I do know it’s weird to know that you’ll never be able to share something physical or a sentiment with elseone, ever again…

* This Music file will be removed soon and replaced with the “Radio-Edit” vs. the current full-version preview…

In other news; a new outset…?

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Danke (thank-you).

44 thoughts on “An Odd Song With Deep Meaning & A New Outset Beyond My Norm”

  1. Your talent amplified your coping. This is amazing! Maybe easy for you like you said but I couldn’t do it and likely couldn’t with such things on my mind.


  2. I always like to listen to any song and music. That’s because it can accompany me in all situations both sad and happy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Sometimes , all I can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before I fall apart. The loneliness can really be felt on your song. I can listen to this all night long.

  4. I can feel the sadness in this song. 🙁 But this is the kind of music genre my old man would listen to. I would love to hear the radio-edit version.

  5. Music is such a powerful form of achirve of history. This song is really connecting you with your past self.

  6. It’s a cool music, reminds me of olden days music… Also in life, everyone has a story to tell, either positively or negatively

  7. The song is really touching, this is how to compose a song. You let yourself enmesh in the song that your emotions are readily noticed.

  8. Really edgy song. Love the guitar work and the stirring vocals. I thought the words were very provocative as well and gave you a clear picture of your inner anguish.

  9. Uea, there are moments in life where you don’t react as predicted, that makes you unique. Cool music, I love it. Just hope I could download it

  10. Well that is certainly odd. I am not a fan of this style though. Do not get me wrong the style is perfect for the song since it conveys sadness but it is just not for me. I guess this not a matter of technicality because you are a good artist based on what I heard but a matter of preference. If you are a fan of lonely sad vibes then this is for you. Me however sorry. It does not work for me.

    1. Fair points mate but, this song is clearly about his mum passing recently.

      I’d keep that in mind, at least.

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