Amazing Is A Funny Thing

I’ve written/spoken before about the level of difference in people. Whether it be in a Race, a game of Billiards, or a Musical-Instrument, there’s just something that internally tells you, “Ja, this is one bad motherf*cker!” — But this current generation we’re a part of, Jeebus-Heist, they don’t want to hear any of that; Hell, ‘they’ want to be congratulated on every aspect of their inventions…

• I joined a band

• I picked-up a guitar

• I borrowed my Dad’s drum-set


But what the heck?! What now?!?!

The video below; I consider it sub-par and uninspired. But, still, some people are amazed:

The next video below; I think the performance is fairly brilliant. You can close your eyes and the drumming is well without any visual cues; an emotion, a journey:

But hej, who am I to blow at the wind?

What say you??


10 thoughts on “Amazing Is A Funny Thing”

  1. Well there’s nothing wrong with celebrating small milestones, but I do understand what you mean about this generation. Oh well, if it works for them so be it.

  2. Gosh. I didn’t know that you’re into drums too. Go for it! Flipping those drumsticks, hitting the snare and crash, stomping on the bass. The feeling is amazing!

  3. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; or is it listener when it pertains to music. Just do it to your heart’s pleasure. Your passion will always show in your art.

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