Afforded and Interrupted

Ahead of nothing, a person can gain the insight of something they’ll never understand. Hilarious and impacting all at once. Where to shed the layers of lull spice, shame, and sex-juices not attenuated to our species desire for more, carnage, and impeccable righteousness? I forbid nothing in my mind’s eye, apart from that, I forbid everything that is recurrent that I can’t seem to control. How’s that for Freud? A reconcile for the evolving triumphs of a nothing I spoke highly of when I did not know it was apparent and indescribable in the first place; ah (and oh), the chance to redeem my inner-space and mild, corroded, spire flux into Heaven, Hell, Earth, and tidy white pants beneath trousers that have no heating.

How long do you for certain though?

– Piano Electro


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