End Of A Year, Final Year Of Another Decade Approaching, Towards The…?

I’m going to mention a few items (in no particular order) and, am going to simply preface by saying, “Fuck all this shit!” – I’m not a toxic person and furthermore, I have never been from or pro the current tymes in which we exist. All said, I’ll still be around, making Music etc. but regardless, the bottom line is, I’m mostly done with any and all previous beliefs and styles of efforts.

Preserve, Reserve

I have never truly liked or respected the Internet. I can say for certain at this current moment, “It really sucks right now.” – But, while it’s not all doom and gloom, I dare to share that for me, it’s just one very large fracking tabloid. Period! People are paying up to one-hundred/thirty American dollars for a mostly, valueless, time-suck, tabloid-engine; which is as well being censored to a degree. Who the Hell needs that in their life? But my thoughts aside, elseone says, “Well what’s the alternative Mr. Scilensce?”–well–how about, “Life!”

And I mean it respectfully and towards wise-advisory.

I’ve always, since I can remember, chosen life and especially now, I find myself fully regressing to previous inclinations, wholeheartedly.

Repository, Conspirator, Irregular

So called “Conspiracy Theories” are typically fun. Many of them are true but never the less, entertaining. Whether you leave a feed on while working or you get items sent to you by random people, right at this moment, everything is just shouting, “END of the world, END of the planet, END of life!” – It gets old, and it gets interesting, but it isn’t entertaining and after a while, it’s just noise. High velocity, reverberating, donkey happy horseshit.

It’s bad enough that the Internet is a huge echo-chamber but Holy egg-roll spindles…

So I don’t want to hear or adhere anyone’s viewpoints. I’ve arrived back at, “Fuck all!”

Chicken, Cluck, Candor Ice

There are certain “Names” you can’t spout about online (due to perceived censorship algorithms) etc. but, I want to say something about a couple of individuals, just to clear the air on how my mind splices.

Alex J. – As long as I can remember, and through an American Congressman friend even, as long as I can remember, he’s been an ambush style persona and complete savant of everything his mind recalls. It doesn’t make him wrong or hostile; it’s just how it is. You have to digest the information and tread how your heart desires.

O. Benjamin – Fuck this guy. I’m a Pianist/Composer and for me, this ant-rat has always been a whiny, sub-par, shyster. That’s it, that’s all. I mean, I get mad at tymes as well but I’m in my own battle to never let my craft suffer. Ever.

I appreciate that others feel inclined to share the videos etc. of these people with me but the truth is, for myself, evolution begins at the point where you ignore all things to focus on what you need, want, and achieve the most.

There are no alternatives for growth because it’ll never be authentic unless you leave behind your conveniences, conventions, and preconceived notions.

If it helps; think of yourself as an Empire or Kingdom.

What will you become?

Final Finality

So in a nutshell, “Thank you”, “Danke!” – While I’m not changing anything regarding how I create, produce, or perform my Songs etc., I’m far much on a quest towards something, enlightening?



No. I’m just running, leaping towards a place where I can fly more free than I’ve ever flown…

About the author:

Sekrett Scilensce is a Composer and Producer of Music. An Entertainer. His Songs are available where ever Audio is sold. He is the Lead-Musician and Business-Development member of the Takeo Tama company.

SEKRETT SCILENSCE appears courtesy of Kuneo Koei (Broadcasting & Distribution) L.L.C. – Copyright © Takeo Tama (Entertainment-Enterprises) L.L.C. – All rights reserved. – A K4C0 ]|[ /|\ T3C0 collaborator.


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Stuck On Purpose: “The Wrong Meaning.”

It’s impossible. Anything is possible. People talk about what’s next but, the world mostly just has a bunch of people who are going where the money is to make (quote/unquote), INNOVATION! BUT; that’s not innovation, rather, that’s luck presented as foreknowledge. Who wants to fight Mike Tyson? It’s better to step in the ring with a ten-year old girl, punch her out and scream victory!! No. Don’t beat down little girls but the point stands. Most of these innovators are still cowards. People with great skin, perfect Colgate smiles and, ridiculous success? Hmmm. Okee. Perfect?? No, because you can’t judge these items on equivaence if you’re not, “as successful”. — THESE ARE THE WRONG MEANINGS.

But the world doesn’t care what we, the creators, leftovers, and dreamers mean, any longer…


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Stuck On Purpose: “Challenging The Status Quo?”

Challenging the status-quo. Virtually everyone believes they are doing this… By; being online? Staying offline?? Professing they have a better “INSERT_blank” etc. — By doing WHAT DIFFERENTLY exactly?! — Please think for a moment. Why are we all stuck? Why are many riding the paradigm until it burns down?? It’s all a means to an end, but whose exactly?! — Advantage. Disadvantage. Regard. Disregard. — Everyone is a product now. Others try to take advantage of your existence as a “product” of the current economy to hope that your disadvantage makes you regard “their” (the other man/woman’s) existence, all while having complete disregard for the reality of how things really, truly, are.

Amazing or, Brilliant?


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The Two Guys Named Lou: “True Music Entertainment Stories” (Part I)?

I’m going to tell a story. It has no immediate message, meaning, or perspective, but it’s a dive into my mind and experiences as both an oncoming and established-(ish?) Musician. So without further ado; “The Two Guys Named Lou” (and a quick side-note, I will give a free full-version CD copy of my song, “The Medicine Cabinet” to anyone who can identify either of these persons named, ‘Lou’; I will not however be jumping out of cakes, doing sexy-dances)…

One “Lou” was not cool. He was plain and simple, f*cking weird. Sure, he knew people, but, he prized the boys far too much in my view, and as a matter of fact, I’d decried that it was unhealthily so very early on. And that “Lou” would say stupid sh*t. About replacing boys with girls, as they’d be easier to manage, and with better legs or what have you. F*ck you “Lou”, you ruined a ton of lives. And your friends with the bank-connects, f*ck them too. It’s a good thing that ‘what goes around, comes around’, especially regarding you. What Corpus Christi Jake said about you in Texas, rang true until the bitter end. The sweet rebellion. The nasty revelations.

The other “Lou” was cool. Goofy (but cool). Now, I didn’t care for his escapades when he was allowing himself to pal around with the big-headed, red, New York PR-midget but whatever, he’s still the “other Lou”. This “Lou” did (and hopefully still does) some cool sh*t. He listened to my stuff from tyme to tyme, and always seemed to genuinely enjoy it, which wasn’t always the case with many in the record-label paradigms etc. He never even once complained about how crazy or inventive my ideas were and for that, I can only say, “Thanks mate.” — There’s nothing in it for a man that put together some of the largest campaigns for some of the biggest touring names known to audiences abroad. And I never bothered “this Lou”. Granted, he could never convince me to join his social-adventure but all of you here who read my silliness or have followed my happenings pretty much know that I’m just far too compelled to be in the studio vs. all this media-hyperbole sh*t. Hope all is well and going strong “Lou”.

The Two Guys Named, “Lou”…


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Exiting a mystery, to only enter, a new enigma; the choice above, the selection below, it merely foreshadows, the truth unloved.

To see what is said, to say what is seen is desperately, never involved.

The momentum forward, leaping beyond the bound that keeps the human-mind centered, now amazed to discover the unkind-eye, not soon to recover, is the plight of not just many, but nearly every woman, man, and child existing upon this planet.

And in the cabinet, these tastes of evolution and change; are never nearing.

The medicine not needed?


The remedy now heeded.

“The Medicine Cabinet”


Published and Distributed by: Takeo Tama


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Amazing Is A Funny Thing

I’ve written/spoken before about the level of difference in people. Whether it be in a Race, a game of Billiards, or a Musical-Instrument, there’s just something that internally tells you, “Ja, this is one bad motherf*cker!” — But this current generation we’re a part of, Jeebus-Heist, they don’t want to hear any of that; Hell, ‘they’ want to be congratulated on every aspect of their inventions…

• I joined a band

• I picked-up a guitar

• I borrowed my Dad’s drum-set


But what the heck?! What now?!?!

The video below; I consider it sub-par and uninspired. But, still, some people are amazed:

The next video below; I think the performance is fairly brilliant. You can close your eyes and the drumming is well without any visual cues; an emotion, a journey:

But hej, who am I to blow at the wind?

What say you??


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I Don’t Connect Well (And That’s Okee)

People have asked me, talked with me about everything imaginable. Podcast, live-streams, etc. I just don’t have any passion for it. Creating Music yes but, a ton of the other nonsense is just a matter of, “So what?” — I’m not out of touch. I’ve outlived everyone I came up with and, I still make what I want, as I want, as I need even (if you want to get real about it). These f*cks that try to talk terms like relevance with me are f*cking stupid. I’m not doing anything out of tyme or out of sync with the tymes. I think some people just really want to be perceived as ‘in the know’ or some sh*t. Who the f*ck cares? You’re suppoxed to do what feels good inside anyway.

I’ve never heard anyone tell a prostitute that their profession was dated.

If making bullsh*t like ‘Lil Wayne is the future then f*ck it! You can have it!!

Either how, a large part of continuing to exist for me is the notion of remaining supported by the people who find themselves immersed by my creations. Even the casual listener isn’t prioritized outright because in truth, passive behaviors do not need to be choked into submission.

Desperation is sometimes a form of fear, and when my mouse hovers over the [X], I don’t think it’s right for the screen to blast at me, “Hej! Before you go, blah, blah, blah, blah…” — Who gives a f*ck? Maybe I was going to come back after feeding a baby. Maybe I was eating hot-sauce and starting choking.

Maybe NoKo fired another missile…

But what we’re really getting at despite any opinions is, “Consideration”.

I just want people to consider me as a candidate for their tyme, sharing, spending, licensing, whatever to be honest.

And because I aspire for that consideration, “I shall not be inconsiderate”.

It’s that simple.

On That Note:

I’m going to begin offering a few of my creations in full-version, medium-quality form again. It’s an option. Ultimately, people can always use iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google-Play etc. or, any direct forms of acquisition I offer or, alternative remedies I have available such as the ‘pay by click’ opportunities presented.

It is ad-supported.

You can dislike that however, it is a naturally accepted mainstream/underground method at this point in tyme with the internet/SaaS industries as a whole.

A big part of my continuation at anything I do is, “Survival”.

In Conclusion:

This is all related by one word, “Ability”.

I can empower people’s ability to choose and potentially inspire their ability to seek out others akin to myself and people can empower my ability to be one part of the entire paradigm known as entertainment.

* * * * * * * * * *

The First Offering:

Song: “The Love Is Sound”
Performer: Me?!
Publisher: Takeo Tama co. mfg.
Genre: Freestyle (Electro/Latin Hip-Hop)


Discover and explore the full-version here!

* * * * * * * * * *

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My Website May Have Changed But Not My Reality

Hours upon hours of soul-searching is usually a waste of tyme for me (seriously). It’s not that I’m against being open-minded but rather, it just has more to do with the fact that I’d rather be doing something else, something more fruitful, something more in-tune per learning and expanding my life-experiences. And why not? Life truly is just a flash in the pan. Of course, all said, every once in a while, I fall into a pit of perception where I can’t help but test and reanalyze all my notions towards moving forward and knowing exactly when to be reflective.

It’s not negative, I’m not negative, and you’re OK!

But this world we’re in is FUBAR!!

My website may have changed but not my reality

I won’t write crappy Music. I won’t buy into any of the current cultural-monikers (i.e. SJW type nonsense etc.) — I won’t be held accountable for things I challenge outright; rather, I’d like someone to come at me with intelligent debate and insight but even then, I really could care less.

My creativity stems purely from the freedom of expression and freedom of thought.

All else is negligible.

Safe-spaces, government approved protests, trans-binary Humanism experiments?!

Get the f*ck out of here!!

I’m still here, I’m always creating but now, I just want to produce and transcend. The rest can??


* * * * * * * * * *

If you’ve enjoyed this blog or enjoy the many audio-experiences I cast upon this Earth then please click any of the links below:

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On With The Show: My Earnest, Modest, Fondest, Climb

Regardless of where you’d stand, on lava, on solid ground, or on water, there would always be the possibility of sinking straight though, without recourse. In my lifetime, I’ve had to accept growth in the form of constant failure. In some ways, I guess a person fails upwards because, you do get better and grow, albeit, sometimes not the right way but, it happens; fact of life.

I’m burned out, only, by all the pretentious sh*t around our environments.

In the U.S.A. it’s phones, social-media, social-justice, and negative mindsets.

In Germany it’s Merkel and her bullsh*t stagnation, destroying an entire nation.

In the U.K. it’s colonial-rudeness making a reprise.

Elsewhere, who knows…

But funny as f*ck, THE PEOPLE ARE FINE!

See what I did there?

Anyone whose ever read my ramblings could figure that I could give a rat’s anus about how the media wants the world perceived.

That said, if I see another Twitter bio that’s made up of only hashtags and keywords, I’m going to murder a Muppet.

Not because I care but rather, because it gives me something to do while I wait for the next Song to render.


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