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Moments in life become frozen into memories. A tyme so strongly imprinted in our hearts that passing by cannot take away or alter the sensations. As we move forward, we will sometimes look back fondly yet ponder; “Were we justly minded?”

In tymes of love, tymes of loss, and tymes of remembrance.

I Wonder What You Look Like” (Tonight)

Music & Lyrics by: Sekrett Scilensce
Produced by or under-licensed from: Takeo Tama co.


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Valuing Value

It seems obvious but, you’d be surprised. Valuing “Value” is something unorthodox by today’s standards. Sure, we all have our own norms and mores but truthfully, we’re bounded by outward judgements the minute we join this chaotic world.

With those ‘Obvious’ and unimportant sentiments in mind, I ask a simple question of Humanity:

“How do we define our hearts, minds, spirits, and vices, equally?”

To me, that’s exactly what society doesn’t want to speak to.

I’ll leave this thought with three random examples/musings; then you can say whatever the f*ck you want…

1. Someone tells me they are great at what they do, and that they used to work (song-write) with Fleetwood etc. — Okee, so why does your music-production sound like such uninspired, highly autotuned, over leveled horse-dunk?

Elseone might say she means well but you know what, f*ck her, don’t waste my tyme.

2. This kid tells me, “I’ve been rejected by so many TV talent shows, and I just want to get myself out there, I’m stuck.”. — And I’m thinking, “Wow, so, have you ever had all your shit taken after a gig in an unknown town at gunpoint, and then stooped into a soul sucking centre for two weeks, only to return to that same gig and conquer it, with pleasure and a smile?”

Elseone would say it’s different for everybody but f*ck that; don’t waste my tyme.

3. Couple of guys say they are lean and ready for the big stage but have been working on the same two albums for ten years. — What the f*ck?

Elseone would say don’t be so hard on anyone but f*ck that, don’t waste my tyme.

I guess no matter how old I become, I ‘Value’ INTEGRITY, helplessly.

What’s wrong with, “Don’t waste my bleeping tyme?”

No thing…

And too:


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8-Bit (New Jack Swing) [Type I]

“8-Bit” (New Jack Swing) [Type I] by Sekrett Scilensce is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play; head on over and download or stream it ASAP! Want to License the song in your Film, Television, Video-Game, App-software, Mobile-design, Corporate A/V, or Business Advertising/Marketing presentation? No probem!!



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Love Less Than One Moment’s Second Passed

“Love Less Than One Moment’s Second Passed” by Sekrett Scilensce is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play; head on over and download or stream it ASAP! Want to License the song in your Film, Television, Video-Game, App-software, Mobile-design, Corporate A/V, or Business Advertising/Marketing presentation? No probem!!



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Why Do People Keep Asking About Radio?

Sure, does some ‘lite’ “distribution” to quote/unquote RADIO but, why do People (listeners, other musicians, producers etc.) keep f*cking asking about it? YOUTUBE serves about 3 entertainment needs (more like six) all on its own accord with discovery being one of its core-competencies. What is all of this nonsense? Just distribute outward and pull inward with YOUTUBE (or similar) and plug at your domain.

This is not rocket-science anymore (dear) people.

If you’re good, you’ll find out fast…


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I’m A Sad, Lost Little Boy, With A Lot Of Wasted Potential

I get tired. I feel like particular things are tired, but, I never retire. I’m on fire. Always; I don’t know how to turn off the faucet, it overflows all the tyme. I can’t stand the age we’re in per many degrees. Nothing feels variable enough, nothing is ever innovative because it’s all rehash. What is the future from now? Apps? No, there has to be more but, where is it?

It isn’t out west, nor east, it’s never been north or south; I’m very good at audio, but to be innovative there, I have to couple with people and things that are innovative, more innovative than just how I sound, alone?

Who’s listening? Who sees? Who hears? How do you quantify beyond the speculation of the evident, inevitable, and lost?

These are questions beyond my own understanding because I can only become more, and more, tired.

I’m on fire. I never give up. But I remain tired.

I’m a sad, lost little boy, with a lot of wasted potential.

Where am I?

Click-Here if you can’t see the video!


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Don Rickles Is Dead: Buy Some Sage, Clean The House

So many great and legendary people have been ‘passing on’ as of late. David Bowie, Robin Williams, George Carlin, and now; “Mr. Warmth”—and you want to say, “What the f*ck?” but instead, you cherish the memories and say, “Okee, tyme to stay on track, remain focused.”

You know, but, you don’t know these people. You feel for these people, but, you’re not sure why. You know they resemble you, but, in the end, they are not you.

Mozart, Prince, Mitch Hedberg; you’d naturally ponder, “Who’s next?” but rather, it’s always better to just celebrate everyone whom is alive, breathing, and well.

Thank you for the memories Mr. Rickles (but regarding any appearances with Dean Martin, were you that hard up for money?)—thank-you!


Now for some fun!!

If you want, feel free to leave your comment/reply in formidable, Don Rickles style.

Notice: I’m likely to roast some of your replies in the same manner.

Let’s ballet!!!

– Ss


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Social Justice Is Stupid

I think of those moments where I see a Blog or Tweet and what not, with some person complaining about Capitalism and how it sucks and how everyone is f*cked and on and on and on; well, I believe the optimum wisdom is in the fact that it is Capitalism which makes it possible for a person to complain to the world about whatever ails them. The laptop got to them through corporate processes defined by regulations and rudiments which traveled by some capacity through the Capitalistic methods.

Ironic, or?


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Stop Telling Me You Are A Musician, Composer, Entertainer, Etc.

Seriously, and first of all, most of you suck. I don’t like these, “I’m a Musician like you,” and all that BS. Twitter DMs full of auto-tuned garbage and when I call you on it, you say: “Oh, this is the first comment I got addressing this,” (just shut the f*ck up and blow me already). You aren’t like me, you probably don’t work as hard as I do, and the fact that you DM me and don’t publicly address much screams of, “Hey, hope you like me,” horsesh*t.

No one cares in general. Be amazing, be wise.

Be quiet and show (don’t hope).

And if you are an auto-tuned garbage-heap enjoying the spoils of success, “Good for you,” because you’re still a cheater and I (and anyone truly closer to my own existence) still wins, and will run circles around you, every tyme.


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About This “Trump” ‘Wiretap’ Claim

Why is it so difficult for people to ponder? They agree with mainstream sources citing that he lied about it but really, it’s the FBI apologizing for Britain and the NSA not corroborating information alongside the CIA wide-known semantics (antics?) or better said, methods. Doesn’t that mean that there’s something being fabricated between the lines/lies?

I mean, if they are lies, aye?

I’ll tell you, it is not at all difficult to hack and tap anything. Phones, PC units, car-tire RFID emitters.

The 5-0 can do it just as easy as the Feds.

I’m going to make a statement; for anyone that understands, thank-you. For the rest of you that might be scratching your heads saying, “What the fark?”; just stay safe and be careful:

Interim responses are held. A parcel can’t leave without its ID. Contained notifications to classifications undefined do not pass through. Series and numerical orders do not chronologically adhere to navigational tendencies. If you have the access-key then the code is revealed at the gate. Do not pass without a designated hour, by 7 or 9 near night; use the service entrance if you can’t get a booking. If you’re not hungry, don’t call the fruit exporter. The meat suppliers never answer the front door. Don’t run. Walk. Wait by the blue hotel, the red house is too full.

End of message?

You never know…


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