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    Sekrett Scilensce

    At his core, he's a Piano-Man, a Composer. He thinks to only create the Best Music posible. His dislike of auto-tune is well known. You can't mistake his sound. He's constantly reinventing audio experiences however he can.

    He believes in helping others be excellent. He's entertained as a public-servant his whole damn life. He's underground, dedicated to his craft. He sometimes surfaces his head in pop-culture but for him, nothing beats being locked in the studio or up on stage.

    His personal creations are available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play.

    More productions by or featuring Ss are available here.

    Film, Television, Video-Game, App, Mobile, and Business Advertising/Marketing Licensing is available here.

    He is as well the Lead-Musician and Business-Development member of the Takeo Tama company.

    a.k.a. Piano Electro


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