Sekrett Scilensce

At his core, he's a Piano-Man, a Composer. He thinks to only create the Best Music posible. His dislike of auto-tune is well known. You can't mistake his sound. He specializes in Electro-Funk and Synth driven Orchestra songs. He's constantly reinventing audio experiences however he can.

He believes in helping others be excellent. He's entertained as a public-servant his whole damn life. He's underground, dedicated to his craft. He sometimes surfaces his head in pop-culture but for him, nothing beats being locked in the studio or up on stage.

He is the Lead-Composer and Business-Development member of the Takeo Tama company.

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play.

Film, Television, Video-Game, App, Mobile, and Business Advertising/Marketing Licensing available here.


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Multi-Style, Virtuoso

Whether you're talking about Classical Music or Top-40 genres, he's all about innovating it! While he specializes in the Electro crossover sound, you'll find that he creates and delivers all kinds of fun and obscure songs that jump well beyond the boundaries to which some in the Mainstream industries want the Public stuck on. Click the samples below and put them on repeat...

Studio Recording Sample

Live Performance Sample

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for Film, TV, Video-Games, and more

Beyond the Segue, Stinger, Bed, and Credits

If you make Films, Supervise a Television Show, Create a Web-Series, Develop Video-Games or work in Advertising, he can supply you with advanced soundtracks to enhance your image and portfolios. He can create 8-Bit/16-Bit PCM/FM Chip-Tune synthesis as well. It cost nothing to begin working with him so enjoy the samples below and send an email. You never know what's possible until you try...

Soundtrack Sample

Chip-Tune Sample

CLICK-HERE for his Chip-Tune interface image

Video Sample

STAR TREK IV: "The Voyage Home"

for Collaboration

Want to write a song together?

He's open to sharing his abilities with others but in recent years, he prefers for people to be very good at what they do and to deliver their contributions in a timely manner. He works fast and doesn't like sitting on projects. So basically, we're saying that if you know what you want to accomplish and can finish it through without dropping the ball then he's interested in hearing from you. Remember, he doesn't want to work on recordings that use auto-tune. If all is well, send an email!!

Male Collaborator Sample

Female Collaborator Sample

Musician Collaborator Sample

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